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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have been a lazy bastard

No updates for a year and a half. My apologies. I have my reasons–mainly that, even in the best of times, I am a poor diarist. But really, time has not been my friend. It’s not just this journal--I haven’t returned to drawing classes, I’ve done only a smattering of animation, our garden is nearly all weeds...uh, I haven’t made my four-hour, epic black-and-white 8mm opus on the life of Edwin Beard Budding, inventor of the lawnmower. 1

So, dear electro-diary, let’s talk about what’s new and exciting. I’d say our son, young master Ivan definitely falls in that category–he’s a cutie! Blue eyes, sort of balding in reverse, likes to say “okay” and “mine” a lot. We took him to New York City, he took his first steps in Central Park, flirted with girls. Older girls, mostly, he was one and they were about 23 or 24, or thereabouts...I can see this might be a problem a bit down the line. Oh, if you listen carefully to our new record that we’re putting out, you can hear him in some of the quiet parts, crying and chatting. It kind of sounds like some kind of weird chirpy synthesizer, but no–it’s the sound of a baby run through an Echoplex. Kind of hard to reproduce live.

What else has happened these past months? The record, the record! We have our second LP recorded and mixed. We did not record it ourselves in our garage this time, having tired of making records that sound like we recorded them ourselves in our garage. Oh actually–we started recording it in our garage, now that I think of it, with our friend Tom Bogdon running the tape deck, until all of our equipment suddenly started committing suicide. The 8-track deck fried itself, and one of the expensive monitors I had just bought fell off of its little stand, kind of like a lemming leaping to its death. So instead we decided to go a studio with non-self-destructing equipment and an engineer who actually knows how to run it, and wound up at Red Rocket’s Glare, owned and operated by Mr. Raymond Richards, and I gotta say we couldn’t be happier! In a futile gesture of anachronism we recorded and mixed it entirely in analog (good luck finding 1/4" splicing tape these days, man oh man!), which gives us cred, boy. We’re gonna call it “Our Tears Have Wings.” Tom plays guitar on this one, Raymond plays keyboards and steel guitar and tamboura, Mary plays vibraphone! And glockenspiel! And drums of course. We should post some pictures. Mary, do we have pictures handy? We should post some, really.

I gotta go–EKUK is playing at the Cocaine tonight and I don’t want to miss their set. Oh, and I met Senior, of Junior Senior fame, at Mr. T’s last night! He came to see 8-Bit (he has good taste). He is very tall. There are pictures. I’ll post them as soon as I can get my hands on them.


1 Partially because I can’t find anything interesting to say about him. Oh, he also invented the adjustable spanner. And he was really a hamster. No, wait, I made that up.


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