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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mini-tour: Grimey’s in Nashville

So far our tour to the Southeast has been amazing. Both shows we’ve played so far have been awesome! The venues, bands and folks that came out to see us have all been great to us. Hopefully, everyone that came out had as good a time as we’ve had.

We played our first show at Grimey’s Preloved Music about 3 hours after our plane touched down in Nashville. Luckily our equipment could be delivered to the store. Mark Thompson, who rented us our gear, almost had his business get burned down by a fire at the local P.F. Changs but he still managed to get us our stuff. What a pro! So everything ran smoothly despite fires and 99 degree heat with 100% humidity.

Everyone at Grimey’s was great. Grimey’s is an extremely deadly place for anyone into vinyl. They probably have one of the best selections that I’ve seen. They are also a great supporter of indie artists and have a lot of space devoted to them. It was very reminiscent of our beloved Seal Level(RIP). We met some really great folks that came down for the show including who conveinced his dad and sister to come along as well to see us. On top of all this, we were given a recording of our performance. I’ve uploaded the first three songs from the show. Even though you couldn’t fly the 2000 some miles ot be here at least you can get a bit of a taste.

Thanks Grimey’s! On to Atlanta!

Grimey's recording


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