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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prom Queen by Ema & The Ghosts

I'm always delighted and humbled when someone covers a Monolators song. It's happened a couple of times but I usually don't have recordings of the results, so it's more like an ephemeral thrill. I'll be honest: I have plans. Big plans. For instance we're in negotiations with The Three Tenors, who are interested in releasing an a capella version of "We Fell Dead" with the Vienna Sausage Boys Choir. And that's just one of several1 offers we've got on the table2.

But, even better! The visionary known as Ema & The Ghosts played a set during our "Prom" residency night, and since we did not actually play our Rejection-era track "Prom Queen" ourselves, Ema stepped up to fill that void and played what I'm sure is now and will ever be the best version of "Prom Queen" of all time, ever3. And fortunately I was taping the show, so here it is! Thank you so much Ema! The organ solo blows my tiny little4 mind.

Prom Queen by Ema & The Ghosts



1. As in none.
2. Actually it's more like a banquette.
3. I will note one thing, which is that when we used to play this song I would hurl my bass to the floor, rip off my shirt, and use it (the shirt) to whip my bass during the guitar solo. This didn't happen during Ema's set as far as I could tell, and she STILL kicked our asses.
4. Today's size: small muffin size.


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