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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Monday show--Pehrspace PA fundraiser! Help Pehrspace!

We're honored that Sean Carnage asked us to play again on his fabled Monday night show at Pehrspace--this coming Monday, in fact, the 13th.


What is extra special about this coming Monday is that it's a fundraiser for Pehrspace, which desperately desperately needs a new PA--the old one has put in years of service and has pretty much given up the ghost. We love Pehrspace and Sean with all of our lil' hearts and will do whatever it takes to help--so--we ask you all to come out Monday, anytime on Monday night, and give your support too! As extra enticement--yes--we're bringing the homemade Pretzels Of Awesomeness.
Pretzels pretzels pretzels!!!

$5 for a worthy cause! And pretzels! And a great lineup!


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