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Monday, May 18, 2009

Live video sessions from Hunter's Hollow!

I'm sure most people reading this are familiar with Aaron Embry's glorious band Amnion, and some of you may even know that he runs a recording studio here in Los Angeles called Hunter's Hollow that features, among other things, "40 bales of straw in the control-room [and a]16 foot/20person tipi in the yardback." True! I have never been in a recording studio control room made of straw before but I can confirm that it sounds (and smells) really good!

Aaron was kind enough to ask us over this past Saturday for a live video/audio recording session--we played a full set, including the 4 songs from our new EP, and Aaron filmed us while we bashed away. Some of the songs are up on youtube now and here they are. Thanks Aaron, we had a wonderful time!

YAY! PS: Be sure to look at sessions at Hunter's Hollow from Avi Buffalo and lots of other bands on Aaron's youtube channel!


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Anita K. Marto said...

Nice camerawork! The band sounded good too.


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