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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't Dance studio pics

I know these are old, but I just found some pictures (via Jax) circa May 2008 of us recording backing vocals for the Don't Dance album at Red Rockets Glare studios with Heather and Ben from Summer Darling. They're really cool and I want to make sure they're not lost. Note the gentleman in the green striped shirt (Mr. Raymond Richards) and the electric sitar behind Mary's head that we finally got to use (on the album's title track). I'm not entirely sure which song this session was for but it's either going to be "Oh No, Everything Has Changed," "I Heard Her Calling From Another Room," "Don't Dance," or a combination of the above, since I think they were all done on the same day:

And then there's this little gem, from the same session:


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