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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update--$5 list on Saturday's show

Hi all--

A little note: we've learned that the cover for Saturday's record release show is $8, but we do have a $5 discount list you can get on. The trick is that you have to send us your name(s) to get on said list via email/facebook/myspace/whatever makes you happy.

email address is:
mail (at) themonolators (dot) com

...and we will take care of you.

Also note: it appears likely that The Sweet Hurt may not perform that night. It seems that SH mistress Wendy Wang, who also plays in The Bird and The Bee, is opening with TB&TB for some lady named Katy Perry at the Palladium that very same night. So, our loss is 1 billion trillion screaming tweens' gain. Good luck there, Tiger!


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