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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White daughter's got a tight score, tight score

Do you know Alice and Kim from Eagle and Talon? Sure you do! Well. This Saturday is Eagle and Talon's record release show at Echo Curio--and they have what is essentially the best idea for a release show ever: they are not actually playing at the show themselves, but rather they are(yes they are playing) getting other bands to play songs from Thracian, their new album, for them! WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS MYSELF?

Anyway, that aside, we Monolators are lucky enough to be one of those bands! We are playing two of E&T's new songs, "Moisturizer" and "Tight Score," in our own Monolatory way. So, just to be clear--we are not playing a full set of our songs! We are playing two awesome Eagle and Talon songs! We are honored to be invited to take part in this amazingly wonderful show!

Here is Kim and Alice's description of what you shall encounter:

This is a costume party, but you don’t have to wear a costume to come... the new record THRACIAN will be covered by some of our favorite east LA bands including The Monolators! Learning Music! Cats of the World West (Sarah Negahdari and HAJ Jeffords)! Mooey Moobau! Fascinoma! Scott and JC! Jogger! and much’s more..... with a performance by VIDEO / Hosted by KXLU’S OCTAVIUS, DJing by Joe Fielder,, **SPECIAL PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED AT THE END OF THE NIGHT TO THE BEST eagle and talon LOOK ALIKE COSTUME*** >>come dressed as your favorite/least favorite member of E.A.T. and go home with something to show off to your friends, partners encouraged ;)

I have to admit I have no idea as of yet when we're going on. I will try to clarify this soon.

PS--you can support them and buy Thracian here! Or send them tacos! Who knows, I bet they'd like that too!


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