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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We made it into a zine! Lots O' Crap #5

Hey hey hey everybody--

I am very pleased to say that the latest issue of Lots O' Crap Zine (#5) has a compilation cd with one of our songs in it! We are really very pleased because we've never been in a zine before. Lots O' Crap is L.A.-based and features interviews, poetry, short stories, art, and music from local types (like ourselves). I just went down to the Tribal Cafe last night and picked up a copy from L.O.C. mastermind Deseret--she runs a night there every monday a bit before Sean Carnage starts up at Pehrspace, and like Sean's night there were lots of very cool & friendly people there, plus burritos. You should go!

For our song in the compilation we chose a live version of "14 Degrees" recorded at Pehrspace on 4-track. Lots O Crap had it mastered and it sounds great! There are also tracks by bands we know and love--Manhattan Murder Mystery, Whitman, 60 Watt Kid among others. We are honored and happy that our song is in there. Thanks Deseret!

It's only $4--you can pick up a copy at LOC's night at the Tribal Cafe, and also at The Smell AFAIK. It looks like this (except my copy is pink):

Additional linky--Lots O Crap on the myspace


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