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Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Dance remix by The Tleilaxu Music Machine

In preparation for our New Years show at Spaceland this Thursday we wanted to give you a special present: a new remix of one of our songs, this time of "Don't Dance" by our friend Bene of The Tleilaxu Music Machine (as he says, pronounced "T'LYE-LACKS-OO").

We first met Bene in, I think, 2006, when we played an ill-fated show in Modesto with Romak And The Space Pirates, with whom he plays keyboards. The show was (as Mary would say) pants, but Romak & company were fantastic, and we've stayed in touch since, paying more shows with Romak and seeing TMM many times at Sean Carnage nights. We were very happy indeed when Bene agreed to remix Don't Dance, and my oh my did he do a good job! Here it is, a festive gift from us to you for the New Year.

Don't Dance (The Tleilaxu Music Machine's flavor of the week mix)


At 10:23 AM, Blogger Monkey Bucket said...

I'm a like the TTMM Remix too much!!! Sheeza maka me go yumpin yimini every time :D

Monkey Bucket


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