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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Origami Christmas

Did you know that, a long time ago, we put out a red 45 rpm record of Christmas songs? Well, more like 1 song about how Dave Matthews is satanic, plus a monologue by a lonely giant robot on the flip side.

We still have a couple of these left, and as befits the season copies are currently for sale at Origami Vinyl. And furthermore we are playing a show to support said record at Origami this Saturday at 7pm. We will (of course) play Santa Claus Versus Dave Matthews, we will play last year's xmas hymn Hot Sleigh, and we will play a brand new holiday song as written by...Ms. Jillinda Palmer! Ok, I helped with the words a little bit, but the song is like 80-85% Jillinda. We're also going to play songs off of our other vinyl releases, so if you really want to hear Let's Be Best Friends In Space, well, here's your chance.

Free, all-ages. Buy more records!

This is what our Xmas record looks like:

And also, after that show--Mary and I are going down to Edgar Varella Fine Arts to play this, as a duo:

Lots of great bands on this night--very exciting. We shall see you there.


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