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Friday, February 26, 2010

Slow playing tape deck

This sounds like my dreams:

Monolators w. Leslie & The LY's at the Echoplex

Yah, you know who I'm talking about:

Her. Monolators will open for Leslie & The LY's at the Echoplex on Thursday, March 4. We will go on 1st, so, 9pm. I am very excited, but lord, I have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. Can we compete? HOW?

Solo show! Plus Mary & Jillinda w. Tenlons Fort

Hi all--

A little note--Mary and Jillinda (among others) are going to be playing a couple of shows as part of Jack Gibson/Tenlons Fort's band in the next couple of days--on Sunday the 28th at Pehrspace, and then on Wedneday March 3 at Synchronicity Space for Jack's record release show! Please come, I've heard the record and it is sweeeeeeeet!

ALSO--Jack is gonna screen part of a movie he's working on at the new Silver Factory space on Tuesday March 2nd, and he asked me (Eli Monolator) to play a solo set. To which I said, sure. Except that I haven't played solo in front of people for something like...um...15 years? So--this should be interesting! I'm gonna play some monolators stuff, some cobra lilies stuff (but heavily re-arranged, as you might imagine), and maybe a few new things I'm working on.

Silver Factory Studios has moved since it was shut down a few months back--I am told the new address is 4310 W. Jefferson Blvd. L.A. 90016. I don't have a set time yet but will report back as soon as I do.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Is Rock And Roll

Yes. Yes it is.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Smell this Friday!

I have to point out that we have NEVER EVER PLAYED THE SMELL before! We are extremely excited for this one--which is our only show for February. All ages! $5! Dig the poster!

Monolators on This Ain't A Scene

A very, very nice interview/feature on volume 5 of Ben Hoste's This Ain't A Scene is up. Although--I don't know about...this:

"Their home is not messy, quite the contrary, it's very clean..."


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

On the Huffington Post

That's right. The BEST BAND(S) IN LA. It says so right here. You think I'm making this up? THINK AGAIN. Punk.

So anyways--a really nice interview/writeup from Jonathan Kim of Huffington Post is up. Please check it out, and thank you Jonathan!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Cobra Lilies this Wednesday at the Echo

Cobra Lilies has always been a one-show-a-month proposition, and I am pleased to say that this month's show is nearly upon us. The Lilies will play this Wednesday at the Echo with Pizza!, Findlay Brown, and Superhumanoids. We go on 2nd (at 10pm). LA Underground is presenting and I am pleased to say we have special antics for you if you come, plus edible treats. Trust us. You will like.

Monday, February 01, 2010


I am in a park in Louisiana when I see a large hawk/eagle (although in the dream it's identified as "a falcon") flying around in the sky, being attacked by a swarm of large fuzzy green wasps. The wasps eat off all of the falcon's feathers and it falls to the ground in a puddle. It looks dead. A small kid runs it over with his bike with training wheels. After picking up the falcon and squeezing the water out of it (like working an old-fashioned pump handle, which would have been, what? Its leg?) it turns out not to be dead after all, so I take it home.

The falcon likes to hang out in my basement (I do not have a basement outside of my dream) and watch television while its feathers grow back. Once its feathers do grow back, it turns out to be more of a bald eagle, except with the head of a dog, rather than a bird. So, a black-and-white dog-headed eagle-falcon.

Later I catch it going through the neighbor's trash cans. I tell it that it has to take a bath in the kitchen sink, and it says "Aw MAN!"

End of dream.

YOUR TASK: Illustrations please.