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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rotten melon

I bought a melon today.
It was no good.
I sliced it open and
The juices ran down the side.
Too many juices.
The smell
Beyond belief.
A dead smell, a smell of dreary islands, a smell of the vomiting helpless, of the forever lost, a smell of one billion sparrows rotting, churning with atoms, sliding into bile.
A smell saying,
This is not for you,
This is not for this earth,
This is not for [the flesh of men].
Beware young lovers. Beware curling locks. Beware bluebell eyes, flushed cheeks, roseapple lips. Drink your sweet wines and sigh but touch not the poisoned dew.
The melon spilled over the blue and white tiles of the floor
Everywhere and everything
A stench like a whirlpool, I fought the tide and then
I made my peace
With the paper towels and the sink
And then a little later ate
Some risotto instead.

I bought a melon today.
It was no good.


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