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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A word about Mary's pretzels

We are doing pretty well with our kickstarter campaign--we've got exactly 2 weeks left to go, but there's still about $600 left to raise.  That puts us at, let's see--64% there.

I note with satisfaction that all of our cover song pledges have been claimed, which is great.  However I am a little confused/perplexed to see that only one solitary person has gone for the pretzel option so far.  Let me be clear: the pretzels in question are Mary Monolator's homemade soft pretzels, complete with exotic salts (black Hawai'ian salt anybody?) and tasty mustard.  These are the same pretzels that we rolled out at our Rock With A Twist and Pehrspace PA Benefit shows.  These are the same pretzels that caused mass hysteria/feeding frenzies/religious ecstasy among those who tasted them.  I have seen grown men and women weep over these pretzels.  I have seen kingdoms toppled and tyrants vanquished over these pretzels.  I have seen clouded eyes and gnashed teeth on those who went back for more and found they'd all been eaten.  They go good with beer.

In short, they are REALLY PRETTY TASTY.  Now, far be it from me to cast aspersions on anyone's character, but, all I can say is: if you don't buy them, I am going to eat them.  All.  And you will miss out.  I. Pity. You.

To sum up: PRETZELS!!! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eli guest columnists on Radio Free Silverlake

Hi everyone--

The very nice folks at Radio Free Silverlake asked me to write a guest column for them, and I did!  It's actually for their youtube-trawling Video Free Silverlake column, and so I've shared a bunch of my favorite music-related video clips.  There's bubble-bath pianos, yodeling Scotsmen, Miss Piggy, singing contortionists...BASICALLY SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY.  Please take a look!  I'm kinda proud of it.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Halfway there!

Kickstarter tells us that we are, as of this morning, $830 towards our $1600 goal!  I'm very happy about this, and I'm very grateful to everyone who has pledged so far.  I think we'll be able to reach our goal in time, but please do keep passing the link around, if you'd be so kind. 


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thanks Brad and the mysterious Recording LA!

Our good pal Brad just posted a nice little note about our kickstarter campaign on his blog, Feed Your Head.  Take a look.  Thanks Brad!

Also, there's another mention from the mysterious folks at Recording LA, who have been at a lot of our shows and I have never met.  Thank you mysterious benefactors!  On the same post they also have a bootleg of the Your Mom/Your Dad show from last Saturday at Pehrspace, where we played half YM/YD songs and half Monolators songs--please take a look at that as well.

Song Poem option GONE

I am surprised/gratified that it went so quickly--but snapped up it was.  Still, there are lots of cool things left for pledging in our kickstarter campaign: the cover song option (a couple of those left), the homemade pretzel option (yum) and the mysterious Pillow option.  And of course there's the regular ol' record by its lonesome self!  Please take a look.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Please help us get our new record pressed! (IE, Monolators on Kickstarter)

I don't know if you've heard of  Kickstarter or not, but it's a kind of project-based fundraising site to help people raise money for various art projects and worthy causes--we just set up a page there for the first time, and our goal is to drum up $1600 in the space of 30 days to help us get our new split 12" EP mastered and pressed to vinyl.  I would really really appreciate it if you'd take a look and consider pre-ordering the record. We put together a video to promote the project, and it includes footage of us from our recording sessions--please take a look at that too (via the link above).  Note: we're not asking for donations/charity/pity--you do actually get something in return for pledging $$!  In this case you get a copy of the record when it's pressed and released in November.  So yes, we're just asking that you pre-order the new record, this is not a Please Give Us Money For Absolutely No Good Reason campaign.

The way this works is: Kickstarter lets people check out your fundraising cause and decide if they want to pledge some money to help make it happen, kinda like public radio, but less irritating.  However, there's a time limit: we have to hit our fundraising goal within the 30-day period to actually collect the pledges.  In our case, if we can't get enough people to pledge/pre-order, and we don't hit the $1600 mark, then the pledges are voided and nobody gets charged.  If we can raise the $1600, though, then we can go ahead and get our record pressed up and we will mail you a copy with a hand-silkscreened cover, all nice and pretty.

I should clarify what this record actually is: it's a split 12" EP.  That means we're putting two EPs on it, one per side.  Side A is the new Silver Cities EP, 4 brand-new songs that we recorded & mixed with our friend Luke of boxViolet fame! Yay Luke!  We love you.  If you go to our myspace page you can hear the title track, which is called, natch, Silver Cities!

On the other side we have our Ruby, I'm Changing My Number EP from last year, which we recorded & mixed with our friend Joe from Le Switch!  Yay Joe!  We love you too.  Ruby never got a 'proper' release on vinyl, so we're excited that it's finally going to get the full treatment.  Note--we are only planning to make 100 copies of this split EP, so yes, if you'd like a copy, then pledging to our Kickstarter campaign is how you can get one.

There are a couple of different pledging options--all the way from $5 (which doesn't actually get you a copy of the vinyl record, but will get you mp3 copies of the songs once the record is released) to $15 (which gets you the physical record, including shipping costs) to various exotic pledging options (the Mary's Pretzels option, the Song Poem option, the Dog Hair Pillow option, among others).  We also have European pricing/shipping for our friends abroad.  Check it out.

Even if you can't pledge anything (we understand!) the very nicest possible thing you can do to help us would be to spread the link around to friends/family/lovers/nerds/hoboes/etc.  I know $1600 doesn't sound like a lot, but since we are totally DIY and not on a label of any kind, it actually amounts to a GREAT DEAL to us, and we are very very grateful for your help.

Thanks everyone!

-Eli Monolator

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

spaceland video

Just saw this--a video from Ben of Modern Time Machines, from last month's show at Spaceland.  The video's divided into a couple of parts but this is my favorite, battling with Amanda the phaser pedal: