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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lottery League this Saturday!

I dunno if you know about this, but both Mary and I are going to participate in the LA Lottery League this Saturday night at the Project Infest warehouse, and we're very very excited.

If you don't know what Lottery League is, here is a brief radio story with organizer Sean Carnage that explains the concept; but, briefly, the idea is that a bunch of people from local bands agree to put their names into a lottery pool, and then new bands are instantly formed by drawing names at random and throwing people together who had never been bandmates before. All of the resulting new bands (there are 12, with 4 members apiece) have a month to come up with 10 minutes of original music, which will be performed at a Big Show.

It is time for the Big Show. It's this Saturday at 9pm. You are welcome to come, although you do have to RSVP on the Lottery League facebook page if you'd like to come. The Project Infest Warehouse is kind of hard to find if you haven't been there before; it's near downtown at 3201 Maple Ave., 90011.

My band is called Big Whuddup and the Lil' Tiny Whuddups. We've got members from Essay, Stab City/Narwhal Party, and Josh Angeles. Mary's band is called Purebreeds Don't Bite; I don't want to say too much about her band except that I think it is gonna blow some minds.

Here's the lineup--I hope you can make it!


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