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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lady Secrets - Eli side project

I have a little 4-song EP for you all from an electronic pop side project that I've been working on for the past few months: Lady Secrets. Lady Secrets consists of myself (Eli Monolator) and my friend George Patterson, formerly of Lil Pocketknife and Knodel. George lives in Portland and I do not, so this band exists entirely via the internet.

The way it worked was: George contacted me a few months ago with some instrumental synth tracks that he'd written, and asked if I would write some lyrics/melodies to sing on top, karaoke-style. I'd record my vocals and send them to George, who did all the mixing/effects/candy stuff. So I guess this was a collaboration in a sense, with George doing like 75% of the work. Artwork is by George's wife Lynnae, who says: "it's a cassette jacket insert thingy that you are supposed to cut out. I also contributed by complaining, pre-complaining and general whining."

Please download/check it out/pass it around, I'm pretty proud of it. Free free free free:

Lady Secrets - Doubt, Inhibitions, Ignorance


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