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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Joe Fielder Tribute Show next Thursday

I thought this was supposed to be a surprise (as in, "A Surprise Bash For Joe Fielder,") but this was just posted on Radio Free Silverlake, and anyway I just saw Joe himself post about it on FB--so I guess I can too.

Mary and I are playing an acoustic duo set on Thursday the 16th at Lot 1--it's a tribute show to honor Joe Fielder of RFSL, who'll be in town that night. Mary and I will play songs from all 3 bands we're in together (Monolators, Cobra Lilies, Your Mom/Your Dad), and there will also be sets from members of Death to Anders, One Trick Pony and Radars to the Sky. The flyer doesn't mention a door price but most shows I've been to at Lot 1 were $5, so I think that's a safe bet.

We're putting something special together for this show, so I hope you can come!


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