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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Your Mom/Your Dad this Friday @ LA's Got Talent Fashion Night

I'm not sure how many people know this, as we only tend to perform once a year, but: Mary and I have a little side project called Your Mom/Your Dad. It is very distinct from all of our other bands--it's really Mary's band, as she writes and sings lead on most of the material, and I back her up on bass and incompetent keyboards. Your Mom/Your Dad only performs during the summer. This Friday we will play what will likely be our only show of 2011:

This is part of the "L.A.'s Got Talent" series of shows that Sean Carnage is putting on--we play the Fashion Night. My understanding is this: there will be a catwalk. You, yes YOU, can take a turn on this catwalk and model your look. I think it can be pretty much ANY look. If, for instance, you rock a fresh Kinko's Manager style, then you are all set. Or Elizabethan Fop. Whatever. You can walk.

We play early in the night (8:30). Captain Ahab is also playing. YEAH. CAPTAIN AHAB. They are not playing early (11:30). You should ideally see both of us and everyone in between.

I should note that, unlike most other Sean Carnage shows, the LA's Got Talent shows aren't at Pehrspace. It's at Sancho on Sunset, near the Echo. Please RSVP on the Fashion Night Facebook Page! Thanks! We love you!

PS we are wearing these:


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