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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monolators in Long Beach; Cobra Lilies at Perhspace (penultimate CL show)

We have two shows coming up that I'd like you to know about--apart from the Shonen Knife show--which will be very nice indeed.

This Thursday (the 20th) Monolators will play the Prospector in Long Beach as part of LA Underground's Los Angeles Loved...2011. We haven't played the Prospector in something like...2 years? So we're very happy about this. We play first at 10, with The Vivids and Dva Damas. $5! Very nice writeup about the show here courtesy of LA Underground.

And, on Friday (the 21st), Cobra Lilies play the Pehrspace with Magick Orchids and solo Geoff Geis! Also, magically, $5, but this one is all-ages. The show starts at 8:30, we play at 10:30.

This is actually our second-to-last show under the Cobra Lilies name and with the current lineup. Both Ema and Pauline are moving on to spend more time on their other musical projects, and since so many Lilies have departed within the last year or so, we've decided to retire the band name. We feel that Cobra Lilies is very much a big band, and with just 4 members left (down from, I think, 12 or 13 at our peak) it's not really the same thing. We will miss Ema & Pauline (and the rest of our ex-Lilies) very much, but Arlene, Alissa, Mary and I will continue on playing our repertoire under a new name, which is yet to be determined. I will certainly make note of it here once we've reconfigured ourselves...and we have an unreleased EP that needs to come out...so there's still a lot of good stuff to come.

After Friday we'll have one more Cobra Lilies show as a 6-piece at Taix in November with Tommy Santee Klaws, but I hope you can make this show too, which will be a lot of fun! Thanks everybody for all the love and support you've given the Lilies these past few years!

-Eli Excelsior Lily


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