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Friday, October 14, 2011

Opening for Shonen Knife, Nov. 1/The Echo

It's been a kind of creepy ghost town on this blog for a while...I've been bad. BUT. I have something that I'm very happy about to report, which is that we're going to be opening for Shonen Knife at the Echo on November 1! I have been a fan since...ummmmm...1992? 1993? Something like that? My brother and I went to see them play in Detroit at The Saint Andrews Hall in 1994. They were wonderful. There were people in the audience dressed in Batman costumes (Adam West Batman, that is) and also people dressed up as, I think, Paul Revere and the Raiders. I'm not really sure why. But there they were, and it was EXCELLENT.

Would you guys come to this show dressed as Paul Revere? PLEASE???

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