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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monolators on Vanity Projects Fall/Winter comp!

And now for something a little less sad (well, actually, not even remotely sad, but instead, wonderful):

As you may know, Geoff Geis, who we've known and played shows with in various guises (GET IT???) for years now, runs his own cassette/cdr label called Vanity Projects. His "Princess" solo cassette has been a very frequent visitor to our Sony Walkman Sport and handily makes my top ten for new releases this year.

That's why we were extremely stoked when Geoff asked us to contribute a track to the Vanity Projects Autumn/Winter compilation for 2011, which features tracks from friends like Pizza!, Bug Whup, Magick Orchids, and So Many Wizards. The comp is right here via bandcamp and you can download it for free--please check it out, I'm so happy to be on there.

Mary and I debated at length as to what we should contribute--something old, something new? Eventually we went with a track from the very first Monolators incarnation, "Office Drone," which is circa Rejection Set Us Free, our first full-length from 2004. Mary on drums, Mike Dennis on guitar, me on bass. It's a ballad and I think the theme is something you might just possibly be able to relate to. Also--this is still in its earliest stages, but I'm excited to report it--we're planning a release/retrospective on Vanity Projects in 2012 to mark the (egad) tenth anniversary of the Monolators, and I'm very much looking forward to that. More info as it comes.

How could you not love a face like that?


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