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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mechanookie--a radio play

I'm writing this over not much sleep, so perhaps it won't be very coherent--

One of the reasons I haven't been out much is that I've been squirreled away, working on writing and recording a radio play for the Monolators. It's called "Mechanookie," and it's going to be a 6-episode sci fi series starring my various actor friends as well as friends from the LA music scene. Each episode is about 15 minutes long and ends with a new Monolators song sung by a member of the cast.

Press release blurb/plot summary:
Mechanookie takes place in 3000 AD in the futuristic city of Magicopolis. Two citizens, a dumpy robot named Mechanor and his famous roommate, The Magician are in love with the same girl, an attractive cyborg named Robot Girl. Robot Girl must choose between the two rivals for her affection all the while protecting her human sidekick, a teenager named School Girl, who is cursed with the possession of an extremely dangerous and desirable secret: The Secret of the Universe.

Mechanookie has its own web page (which I encourage you to explore), blog, and facebook page. I will try to make sure all updates are posted here as well as on the show blog. The first episode will broadcast (well, podcast) from the Mechanookie site on Thursday, March 8--two weeks from today. There will be a new episode posted every week for the following 6 weeks, and on April 14 we're going to do a live performance of the whole play at the Hudson Theater in Hollywood.

So--yes, that's what I've been doing. I'm (mostly) finished editing episode one, I still need to write and edit in incidental music and some more sound effects...and...I'm...tirrreeedddd...

That is all.


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