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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mechanookie starts at noon today! And Radio Free Silverlake Interview!

REMINDER REMINDER REMINDER! Episode One of Mechanookie goes up today at Noon on mechanookie.com! We are giddily excited, and also giddy from lack of sleep. Call me Giddy Lee, feel the rush. Wahh wahhh wahhhhhh. Uh….anyway, even if you can’t listen right at noon, since it’s a podcast you can listen anytime after the link goes live. If you like it, please share it with friends…loved ones…nice people…astronauts…etc.

Also please head on over to Radio Free Silverlake to read a nice interview that Magicopolis Peasant #3 (that’s me) did with Joe Fielder. It’s all about how Mechnookie came to be…take a look! Please. Thanks! See you at noooon.


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