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Friday, March 09, 2012

Ray news

I don't know how many of you already know about this, but Ray, our guitar player, suffered a bicycle accident the day after our Spacellite show and broke his collarbone in 3 places. He's ok apart from that, which we're thankful for, but a broken collarbone is not exactly a walk in the park.

One upshot of this is that Ray is going to be unable to play guitar for a couple of months. This means that, apart from next month's live performance of the radio play, we're not going to be playing any Monolators shows until he gets better.

Tom Bogdon has graciously agreed to step in for the Mechanookie live performance at the Hudson Theater on April 14. Tom, as many of you may remember, played lead guitar in the Monolators from the Our Tears Have Wings through Don't Dance eras, and fronts his own band, the most excellent Shirley Rolls. While we're really sorry that Ray can't play the Mechanookie show with us, we're happy that Tom will join us to play another show!

I hope to see you all at the Hudson next month...and please send Ray your best wishes, I hope he gets better soon.


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