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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Cher Lloyd cover on Mabson Enterprises

I can do no better than to quote an fb post from the good people at Vanity Projects: "Yo check out this generation-defining mixtape with a track from Geoff Geis and a total rager by the The Monolators."


20-odd covers/remixes of Want U Back.  I gotta say that I am very stupidly proud of our Cher Lloyd.  Recorded last Thursday, live straight to cassette 4 track, 1 take.  BAM.  Well actually we did overdub the bg vocals/handclaps and bass, but the drums, guitar, and lead vocal (IE--THE MEAT) were all live live live, fueled by beer. 

Our track is below, but check the whole mixtape, I like the versions from Geoff Geis/Sarah Cisco, Simo Soo, and Treasure Mammal especially--a ton of rad stuff on there.


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