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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bee Gees show this Monday at the Echo

I haven't written enough about this, but our next show is this one, which is happening Monday night at The Echo:


We haven't done a Halloween show since the Abbalators which, the internet tells me, was 3 WHOLE YEARS AGO.  Shock gasp!  Anyway, some people asked me why we aren't doing another ABBA show, and while I loved doing the first one, we felt that without Ashley and Jillinda in the band that was basically an unrepeatable show.  So, we decided to look at great trios instead, and settled on this very fine group from Australia that you might have heard of:

It goes without saying that I've been looking forward to a chance to play some Bee Gees for a long time--but, like the ABBA show, I have to warn you that while we may play some songs that you're familiar with, we're definitely NOT playing them the same way as the Bee Gees themselves, so purists looking for soundalikes will go away disappointed, I'm afraid.  And we agreed that we wouldn't play Staying Alive, either.  But they have about 50 billion other songs, so it wasn't hard to find other great ones to get into.

Each of us is going as a particular Bee Gee, although we aren't necessarily playing the same instruments as the individual brothers did (since none of the Gibbs played drums).  Can you guess who will be Barry?

See you on Monday!

PS: anyone know where we can get some really tight satin pants?

PPS: I'm pleased to note that there are a whole bunch of complete Bee Gees live shows up on youtube at the moment--I've been enjoying this 1974 Melbourne show quite a bit, particularly the random b-roll footage of them riding around on horses, and Maurice's velvet/planets blazer ensemble.


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