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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


If you asked us Monolators if we like prom, our answer is: yes! If you asked us if you liked our own proms from highschool, I'm sure our answer would be: not really! But that doesn't matter because we've got a prom for you this saturday courtesy of the Eagle Rock Bowling And Drinking Club (the last show they'll ever put on, so I'm told, which makes us sad) and it is going to be HEART-RENDINGLY EXQUISITE!

Like this:

We request that you come dressed for prom! We will elect a PROM COURT! (It will be fair this time, not like when we were in school.) We will play prom songs! We will have a PROM ESSAY READING! It will make you tingly and then YOU WILL EXPLODE!

It is free! It is ALL AGES! It is PROM!

Please come--prom will not be the same without you! We love you all!

-The Monolators
Ashley, Eli, Jillinda, Mary, and Ray

PS: prom prom prom promidy prom prom prom.


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