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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Walking Wounded Tour 2009 begins

Last night's show at Echo Curio was fast but delightful, thank you all for coming out! We bought a plastic mastadon model from the 1970's. Roman Candles and Halloween Swim Team were great as always (I am intensely jealous of Roman Candles' setup--no mics, one accordion, one guitar, what else do you need? Answer: nothing) and Gumshoe was intensely wonderful. I hope we can play more shows with her!

Tonight is the start of our little spring tourette with the Parson Redheads and we couldn't be happier. ALTHOUGH I will say that we could be healthier, seeing how as Ashley ("Shuffles") is still in a cast for her broken ankle and Jillinda ("Torchy") has two of her fingers bandaged after receiving second-degree burns on her hand last week. I tried to join the ranks of the injured last night by smashing my bass into my head but only managed to scrape up my scalp. No concussion but my head is sore. I'm an idiot.

Anyway, if you're somewhere in California this coming week maybe we'll see you. As I mentioned before we've recorded a little download-only 4 track EP for this tour and it SHOULD be ready by Thursday. We've been recording it piecemeal while various Monolators have been in and out of town over the past two weeks and I haven't actually heard two of the four songs yet! But what I have heard so far makes me happy. I hope you all will be too.

Here are the dates. All are with Parson Redheads:

Tuesday, May 5 -- Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa with The Fling. We go on at 9pm.
Thursday, May 7 -- The Blue Lamp in Sacramento.
Friday, May 8 -- Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis. Quiet show!
Saturday, May 9 -- Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco with Excuses For Skipping.
Sunday, May 10 -- Biko Garage in Isla Vista (essentially Santa Barbara). All ages!

That's all for May for us until Saturday the 23rd when we play PROM! At All Star Lanes! PROM PROM PROMEDY PROM PROM PROM!



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