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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music Go Music

Saw the inaugural Music Go Music show at Bordello last night. If you haven't heard, this is David and Meredith (of Bodies Of Water)'s new disco-pop/prog side project. I recognize some of the other band members (the 1970's-looking BOW lead guitarist...the 1970's-looking Mezzanine Owls bassist), not others (the drummer, the pair of Fleetwood Mac-esque backing singers). Apparently they had their own custom sound person working the board at Bordello, because (as Josh from Les Blanks said) it basically sounded like a record onstage--Meredith had some kind of automatic harmonizer on her vocals, so everything sounded like a duet between her and some invisible elves. I need one of those. She also came on in what I can only describe as an early David Bowie perm and a dress with giant gold lamé hand silhouettes on it. Some pics here.

They have some really super-strong ABBA-esque disco pop songs, some stuff that sounds like Donna Summer, a sort of Olivia Newton-John ballad, some proggy stuff that Josh described as Wizzard-esque. Lots of jamming. Everything sounded like a time capsule from 1975 or thereabouts. Josh and I both agree they will be huge.

Music Go Music - Live on Face Time - Warm in the Shadows from music go music on Vimeo.

Music Go Music - Live on Face Time - Just Me from music go music on Vimeo.


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