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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Saturday with 8-Bit!

Although we try hard to stick to our one-show-a-month regimen, here is one we could not possibly say no to--we play a show this very Saturday with our glorious Mr. T's bretheren 8-Bit! As you may know, 8-Bit shows are as rare as hens' teeth these days, and Andy/Anti-Log was once a Monolator himself, so we are honored and grateful that they asked us to play too. The only thing that would be better about this show would be if it were actually at Mr. T's Bowl itself, which it isn't--it's at Señor Fish in Little Tokyo. I didn't actually know they had shows at Señor Fish, but there you are. Odd Modern and Rough Kids playing too!

We play at 10 pm--it's 8 bucks if you arrive before 11 pm, which I hope will be the case, otherwise you won't see us play.

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