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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Os Waffles pix

Thanks very much to Sean Carnage for having Monolators last week, and thanks to him for hosting the first (and so far only) live Os Waffles set ever. Jorin corrected my OW history slightly--he was more like 12-13 when we first started recording tapes together, so it would've been more like 16-17 years ago. BUT WHATEVER.

Some pictures (and a very nice review) of Os Waffles and Monolators from Sean Carnage's blog:

Also--I want to say that Nuexpe, a solo pedal-rock fellow from Japan totally ruled. I was only sad that there was a bunch of drunk people talking really loud over his quiet-ish, dreamy, lovely ambient electronic instrumentals. Why do people have to be so loud and dumb (answer: because they're drunk)? But yeah, Nuexpe: if you get a chance to see him, please do. Highly highly recommended.

Note: I just learned that there appears to be another band in the world called Os Waffles. I think I can say with close to 100% certainty that we were called Os Waffles before they were. Perhaps we were called Os Waffles before they were born. That would not surprise me.

Hi silent Os Waffles:


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