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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Saturday August 6--The Tomorrow Show

Just the two-piece tonight, and in the lobby of the Steve Allen Theater playing for the crowd waiting to see The Tomorrow Show.

The Tomorrow Show is kinda hard to describe--it's basically a weekly comedy revue hosted by the guys who made the "Home Movies" cartoon series, one of whom is our old pal Shelly's boyfriend, Ron Lynch (that's not how we got the gig, though--we got it via the LA Alternative article, for which we're still very grateful). There were standup comedians, musicians, silly skits, lotsa stoned people, and a disturbing educational film from "The Trainables" series showing a young Downe Syndrome patient learning all about menstruation. Great. It was awesome, though, the highlight being for me the hosts' note-for-note (well, almost) rock band performance of The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away," which by complete chance we were listening to as we pulled into the parking lot to load in our gear. Oooooo.

Our set was about twenty minutes in the lobby...the crowd was nice and receptive. Andy and Sheena were there, but unfortunately Andy's bass cabinet was out of commission so he couldn't play. Also we left our merch bag in the van and had nothing to sell. We need a merch person!

Interestingly I happened to find a post on a messageboard about this particular show, from one of the comedians who did a routine, Erik Charles Nielsen, who said:

This show was great (even despite the absence of Oswalt... and MLR... and Pepitone). Also, three hours long -- not even counting the opening act (a band by the name of the Monolators, who kind of reminded me of the Wedding Present, except there were only two of them, and neither had a gruff-sounding Yorkshire accent, and there wasn't really a lot of strumming. So maybe not much like the Wedding Present, then), who set up in the lobby and started playing circa 11:30.

So yeah--apart from the fact that we didn't get home until about 4 in the morning, it was a great night. We'd do it again in a second...oh, we did manage to sell one cd to a girl who spent the evening sitting on my amplifier. I guess she felt guilty.


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