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Monday, September 01, 2008

Dare we Detour?

Well it looks like we've been nominated in a virtual "battle of the bands" for a spot at the LA Weekly Detour Festival. This is a big ol' music festival that happens downtown in October, and people like the Mars Volta and Datarock are playing--and there's a spot for a local band that is, as they say, TBA. Which means that you can vote for little old us to get that spot. I normally hate to pester people for this but, yes, we would be absurdly grateful if you'd cast your vote our way--and you can do it (IE vote), as Steve Martin used to say, up to ONE time per day.

What this comes down to is how many people you can mobilize to vote. Yes, other bands have legions of adoring fans spread hither and yon, and yet...I can see a sort of "ragtag gang of misfits from broken homes come together against all odss to win the big game against the prep school kids" type scenario here.

So please, yeah. Do vote for us, 'cause we need it. The dorks of the world need it. History needs it. We love you!



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