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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Some end of the year stuff

My goodness, has it been almost two weeks? OOOPS. Family is in town. TIP: The Peterson Auto Museum is superduper, although they need an actual museum cafe, not just a bleak room with a couple of vending machines in the corner. For shame.

A quick note--Kevin Bronson very kindly placed us again on his L.A. Songs Of The Year list/podcast for the year--please do take a look/listen, and thanks Kevin!

Also, I think just about one of the nicest things anyone said about us (well not us specifically, but partially) this year was tucked into a little "Live Music Options" blurb from earlier this month on You Set The Scene:

Pretty good week for shows. If y0u want a good sampling of the breadth of local bands, start off with the Movies tonight, then see No Age tomorrow, Afternoons on Wednesday, Crystal Antlers/The Bronx on Friday, The Sweet Hurt/Monolators on Saturday and Little Joy on Sunday. None of those bands sound anything alike.



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