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Monday, January 19, 2009

Mono-vember bootleg #3

Sorry for the lack of recent posts--lots of doings have been going on here, so to speak. I shall elaborate more in a bit.

Here is our week three recording from our Pehrspace residency--dictator week. If you do nothing else please listen to the introductory remarks by Sean Carnage, reading a speech prepared for him by the Monodictators. Another highlight is Mr. Tom Bogdon's inter-song banter concerning his adventures on prom night.

Also: for this week we had dueling bass guitars (not sure how well it comes through on this recording, though) courtesy of Ashley Jex and "You Look Good On The Train"-era bassist Andy Bollas, who made a cameo appearance for the night. His fuzz bass is most evident on "We Fell Dead."

The set list:
1. Intro (w/ Sean Carnage)
2. Spider In The Woods
3. 14 Degrees
4. My Weaker Self
5. Banter
6. At The Top Of The Stairs
7. Red Lamb
8. You Look Good On The Train
9. We Fell Dead

Download link:
Monolators at Pehrspace, November 17 2008


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