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Monday, January 26, 2009

A show tomorrow (tuesday) w/ Voyeurs at the Echo--NOT AT MIDNIGHT!

Incredible, no? We're playing this tuesday night and it's NOT AT MIDNIGHT! In fact we play at 10pm! So there's plenty of time to see us play and then go home early to beddy-bye's so you can get to sleep and wake up early the next morning to go running wild and free through the forest with all of your ape and ocelot friends! At least that's what I'm gonna do.

We're quite honored to play the Voyeurs' record release show at the Echo tomorrow night, with Les Blanks and Go West Young Man. We have the 10:00 spot--I REPEAT: Monolators play at 10! Not midnight! Got it? Good.

Oooo look: it's free!

An ocelot:

Another ocelot (apparently, according to Flickr):


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