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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lovely folk version of "Don't Dance"

From Amy's myspace page

It recently came to our attention (although how this first came to light to our mysterious informant I'll never know) that Amy Lou Sullivan, from Brooklyn, recently recorded a lovely acoustic folk version of "Don't Dance." Really! You can hear it on the Flash player thingie on her myspace page, I think it's currently 4th from the top. I wrote Amy and she says she maybe wants to re-record a new version this summer, but I think the current one is awfully pretty.

We're all super flattered that she chose to cover one of our songs, and it's great to hear Don't Dance re-worked so completely. Although a couple of our friends' bands have done Monolators covers in the past, we've never heard one by a complete stranger before--so this is extra special for us. Thanks so much Amy, and yes, we are going to try to come out to NYC/the East Coast sometime later this year to play some shows, maybe around Columbus Day weekend? I hope to see you there!


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