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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New acoustic cover of "This Is Goodbye"

Michael, of the Australian band Able Archers, recently posted a cool acoustic version of "This Is Goodbye" on a home recording messageboard that he and I frequent--so he's not actually a complete stranger, despite being based in an entirely different hemisphere than us. He very kindly gave me permission to post it here, and so here it is.

I especially like the part at 18 seconds in when there's a perfectly timed (and, according to Michael, unplanned) burst of birdsong--it's in the right key and everything. Thanks Michael (and birds)!

This is the second Monolators cover I've heard this month and I am really very pleased/humbled by this--I would love to hear others if there's anyone else out there so inclined. If you are, please do send mp3's/cassettes/wax cylinders along and I'll post the recordings here (with your permission, obviously).


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