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Monday, November 02, 2009

From '79: Sylvia Love & Champagne

I don't know too much about Ms. Love other than that she had really nice hair and that she put out one of my all-time favorite disco songs--"Instant Love." Witness her (and her hair's) performance on Dutch TV circa 1979, annoyingly intercut with a still of her record cover:

Another act I am not too familiar with is Champagne--I know almost nothing, in fact, other than that they produced another 1979 masterpiece. I want a vinyl copy of this:

You know, the hook to "Black Jack" reminds me quite a bit of Shonen Knife's "Black Bass"--not just because of the lyric but the minor-key chord structure and the stop-and-start pauses. COINCIDENCE? You be the judge...(answer: probably, yes.)


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous sylvia love said...

Hi there,

Thank-you for putting the video up!
Have just started recording again, my new song is Cosmic Carousel, there is also a remix of this song by Chris Eccles.

Was absolutely amazed that our two records Instant Love and Extraterrestrial Lover survived the passing of time, and am very grateful to the people who have never forgotten them.

Love, Sylvia


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