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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Desmond Dekker Tribute Night this Saturday

Look at this show--what a lineup! I am excited to play this--

Eagle and Talon, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Dekker's "Israelites," the first Jamaican reggae/rocksteady song to top the UK charts, will present a night of Dekker covers at the Social Science Loft this Saturday at 8pm. We are very fortunate to be one of the bands involved--no, we're not doing "Israelites," but we're doing the equally awesome "Fu Manchu," albeit in Monolators style. It is not all that easy to de-reggae a reggae song and not completely de-awesome it as well, but we will try. Many many of our friends are playing and we are very happy to join them!

I believe this will take much the same form as the Eagle and Talon cover night from a while back, although in this case we're playing one Dekker song and one of our own songs...which happens to be brand-new! Never performed before! So this is equally exciting for us. Please join us as this will be an exceptional show to begin with and, again, the only time this month we'll perform any of our own material.

The show costs $8 but is only $5 with rsvp to either us (mail at themonolators.com) or info@socialsciencerecs.com--or myspace us or Eagle & Talon!

Thanks Alice and Kim! We're honored you asked us!

PS: Wow--that man can surely rock a sweater.

PPS: The poster is kinda small so I will note that the Social Science Loft is at 530 Molino St, 217, Los Angeles, California, 90013.


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