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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Two new We Fell Dead remixes!

Let me give some context to these remixes--I belong to a home recording messageboard (no, it's not tapeop) and, following the release of We All Fell Dead, I got a request from one of the other board members to upload the individual multitrack files (OK, copies of them--they were origianlly recorded on dodgy old 8-track tape decks) from the "We Fell Dead" session so he could try remixing it himself. In fact two people ended up remixing the tracks, and so I'd like to re-post the results here, because they're both raddddd:

1. Something Died by George of lovely Portland, Oregon. George is an alumnus of the great, now-deceased (as far as I know) Lil' Pocketknife. I wanted to put up a picture of George but he didn't really have one handy so this will have to suffice:

(hint: he's the boy)

Mary's comment on George's remix: "wow, it sounds like when we play it!"

2. Krautrock Blues is Dead by Matthew Rigsby Smith. Matt is from London and fronts the lovely, dreamy folk-pop Mouth 4 Rusty. I especially like what he did with the bassline and the handclaps on this one. Please take a look at his website here.

Here he is:

important PS: should anyone else--anyone at all--want to try their hand at a remix, the master tracks are here. If you have a WFD remix you want to share, we'd love to hear it--send it to mail [at] themonolators.com and we will repost it here on the blog.


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