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Friday, September 18, 2009

Cobra Lilies on Demolisten--Monolators at HLP Legion Hall

A little reminder that Cobra Lilies will invade KXLU Demolisten tonight to play a live set--show starts at 6pm and we will most likely play at around 7-ish. Probably the best way to witness this is via live video at Demolisten's Stickam stream.

Then tonight at 9pm Monolators play the Highland Park American Legion Hall with Seasons and Wait. Think. Fast. We play at 11pm, NOT MIDNIGHT. There is NO Midnight band tonight, so if you come at Midnight you will out of luck buster! $5! A map to the legion hall is here, it's just a couple of blocks down from Mr. T's Bowl.

And then of course tomorrow night is the Cobra Lilies record release and fashion show at the very same venue, also $5, and you best be there sweetlips! Or else you're gonna miss a spectacle and a half. Of some kind.




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