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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Some reflections on the past few days

Last Thursday took us up to Fresno and back in the same night. Played a good set with Rademacher, which is down to a three-piece. It is distressing to see one of my favorite bands lose members--I miss Greer and (especially) Brad. BUT--Mike is an excellent bassist, he can do a fine job of singing and playing bass at the same time, not always an easy feat, and their new guitarist, Jonathan (I think?) is superb. Eli (not me, Eli Rademacher) is the key. I repeat, he is the key. He is one of my favorite drummers and human beings on Earth, and he is back, which I am thankful for. Seeing this version of Rademacher--it's different, feels quite different, but they will be fine. I was gonna say something stupid like: Rademacher is a bird with a broken wing, but still flies, flies, flies, but that's (a) sappy gross and (b) not really what I was trying to say, so forget it. Rademacher is still great. Mary and I agree how much we miss going out of town and we think we are going to try to play more out-of-town shows per month than in if we can manage it.

Sunday--Little Radio Summer Camp. We've never done this before. The lineup with Happy Hollows and Henry Clay People was wonderful. Happy Hollows was a joy to see again! A joy! I love them. Henry Clay People--can I say this? I love HCP. I love their songs. I wanted to hear more of their songs, I just heard three (?) among the covers. I hope I do offend when I say, Henry Clay People, please: I don't get to hear your songs much any more since you go on tour so much! Please play them!

Another thought: uncovered black stage in middle of parking lot at 2pm on a cloudless Los Angeles summer day. It was 8 billion degrees and I thought I was going to die. Die. Die. I have no idea what the show was like because I was barely able to move, sing, or play. I had a moment during "Train" where I got the tunnel-closing-in-on-me, I-am-about-to-pass-out sensation. I turned around to Mary and said "I'm gonna fall down!" and she just laughed. LAUGHED! These drummers, I tell ya.

Pics soon.


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