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Friday, April 23, 2010

Folktale Records

Hey everyone--

Our friend Chris Whitman is trying to raise some $$ to put out a 5" (!) record on his label, Folktale Records.  While we're not connected to Folktale in any way (and we're not on this record--it's a Whitman/No Babies split), I have a bunch of stuff that Chris has put out on Folktale and it's ALWAYS good, and I feel like it's a project that deserves yr support.  He's put out records & tapes by people like Nicole Kidman, Splinter Cake, Anni Rossi, as well as his own music under the Whitman moniker.  In fact one of our favorite releases from last year was this, a Whitman/Anni Rossi collaborative 10" recorded on 4-track cassette, which you can pick up thru Chris's online store or Amazon or iTunes.  Highly recommended.

Anyway, you can pretty much donate any amount of $$ to the 5" record project that you want, from $3 up, in exchange (of course) for a copy of the record if he's able to raise the needed $700.  If he can't get up to 700 bux then everyone's donation is refunded.  But I would really prefer that the $$ is raised.  I think he's up to something like $150 with 50-odd days left to raise the remaining $550.  Please do give a little something if you can and pass the link around!

Do it do it do it.

Amusingly if you have deep pockets and can spare a bit more than the $10 I was able to pony up, the rewards get more substantial--a $40 donation will get you a custom-written song by Whitman on whatever subject you want, and a $50 donation earns you "an original painting based on a theme of your choice."


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