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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

We are on hiatus. But.

We mentioned this to a couple of folks in private, but I'll repeat it officially here: Monolators is taking a break from live shows for a few months.  I hate hate HATE doing this, but necessity compels. This does mean, though, that we'll have a nice show when we return (in November, I think) to coincide with the vinyl release of a double EP we're working on: this will be a single record with the Ruby, I'm Changing My Number tracks from last year on one side, and 4 brand-new tracks that we're finishing up right now (many, many thanks to Luke from boxViolet for his help in recording and mixing them ) on the other side.  In fact I have some nice studio pics and footage to share as soon as I can figure out how to bust them out of the prison of my cameraphone.  We'd hoped to have a new full LP for you, but that will have to wait a bit longer--plus, it's great to see the Ruby tracks finally get mastered and have a proper release.  So, yes, watch out for this new record in the fall.  We're calling it Silver Cities.

There is one thing that'll break our performance hiatus, though: a show with our friends Summer Darling, who have the residency at Spaceland this month.  We've known Ben & Heather for years and years, about as long as we've been playing as The Monolators, and we love them dearly, so we're delighted to share the 3rd Monday of July with them (that would be the 19th, with The Franks, whom I believe feature members of Superhumanoids, and Seaspin).  We have the 10:00 slot.  We'd love to see you there--but if not, we'll see you in November.


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