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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mary and Eli sing sing sing tonight with Radars To The Sky

So--local sweeties Radars to the Sky has this month's Monday night residency at Spaceland, and tonight's show is an all-guest-singer set.  That is, Radars will PLAY their own songs, but other folks'll SING 'em.  Mary and Eli are some of those other folks--we're doing a duet to "I Might."  A rare chance to see Mary Monolator step out from behind her drum kit/saxophone/autoharp!  Not to be missed.

See you there?  Radars and guests go on at 11.  I'm not sure where exactly we fall on the lineup, but I can confidently say it'll be sometime between 11 and midnight.  And it's free!  Yay!


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