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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A word about Mary's pretzels

We are doing pretty well with our kickstarter campaign--we've got exactly 2 weeks left to go, but there's still about $600 left to raise.  That puts us at, let's see--64% there.

I note with satisfaction that all of our cover song pledges have been claimed, which is great.  However I am a little confused/perplexed to see that only one solitary person has gone for the pretzel option so far.  Let me be clear: the pretzels in question are Mary Monolator's homemade soft pretzels, complete with exotic salts (black Hawai'ian salt anybody?) and tasty mustard.  These are the same pretzels that we rolled out at our Rock With A Twist and Pehrspace PA Benefit shows.  These are the same pretzels that caused mass hysteria/feeding frenzies/religious ecstasy among those who tasted them.  I have seen grown men and women weep over these pretzels.  I have seen kingdoms toppled and tyrants vanquished over these pretzels.  I have seen clouded eyes and gnashed teeth on those who went back for more and found they'd all been eaten.  They go good with beer.

In short, they are REALLY PRETTY TASTY.  Now, far be it from me to cast aspersions on anyone's character, but, all I can say is: if you don't buy them, I am going to eat them.  All.  And you will miss out.  I. Pity. You.

To sum up: PRETZELS!!! 


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