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Monday, November 01, 2010

Silver Cities/Ruby record release show this Saturday at Pehrspace!

Hi all--

We're getting ready for our release show for the Silver Cities/Ruby split EP, and accordingly I wish to invite you all to the GALA EVENT that is to take place this Saturday at the beloved Pehrspace:

Like the poster sez, it's all-ages and 5 bucks.  The lineup is wonderful: Hot TV, boxViolet, and the Tleilaxu Music Machine!  I am very very proud.  We've been silkscreening record covers and t-shirts for Saturday like fools.

One thing I want to mention: as this will be a GALA EVENT, we ask that people come in (faux) formal attire.  Whatever that means to you is fine by us.  I, for one, am wearing a silver tuxedo.  You may dress as you see fit but if you feel like tarting yourselves up a bit, that would be SWELL.  The colors are (natch) silver and red.  Sweeeeet.  See you there!



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