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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sean Carnage/Monolators in Rebel Magazine

Sean Carnage, he of Monday nights at Pehrspace and seancarnage.com, has an interview up in Rebel Magazine, which names him as one of the most influential bloggers in music--awesome!  You should read it!  Sean and I might have slightly different viewpoints on the value of records and recorded music, but I absolutely 100% agree with his love and support for compelling LIVE music, and he very very kindly mentions us in that context.  Please take a look--although the design of Rebel Magazine's website (is it some kind of fancypants pdf document?) makes linking straight to the interview kinda tough.   It's in Issue 6 if you can swing the navigation...if not, here's a screengrab of the page in question (click to enlarge--although do try to read the rest of the interview):


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