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Monday, January 10, 2011

Kickstarter cover song #6: "The Moth" by Aimee Mann

Confession: I had a crush on Aimee Mann when she was in 'Til Tuesday. I still have a battered 45 rpm picture sleeve copy of this which either my brother or I bought new at the State Drug Store in East Lansing. There was a time when you could walk down there and pick out whatever top 10 hit you wanted from a big wooden bin on a 7" 45rpm record with a cool picture sleeve. There were hundreds of singles. 88 cents apiece. Your Thompson Twins, your Ah-ha with included booklet showing stills from the very excellent "Take On Me" video, your Cameo "Word Up" singles. All of them. That time is gone now.

*cue desolate sound of blowing wind, crows*

Anyway...all of 'Til Tuesday had really excellent hair, and later Aimee went on to make this record:

From which we draw this week's request, which goes all the way to my sister-in-law Shelby in chilly Grand Rapids, Michigan! Thanks Shelby!


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